Blog #2 Inequality In America

In my personal opinion I think this is a very educative and important topic. Inequality income has extremely grown in this country in recent years and with it the little hope people have for future changes is diminishing. After watching “The Land of the Free, Home of the Poor “it was so depressing realize the truth of our income inequality and even more recognize that the majority of the population including myself think our economy is well-distributed when in reality its not and its worse than we think.

This other video “Wealth Inequality in America” was a really open eye video for me and I guess for the majority of people, because it clearly shows how skewed income inequality in U.S. actually is. The data in this video is a Marx’s example of how capitalism produces inequality because it seems that only wealth people have the control over American’s economic. It’s more than obvious that the income inequality this country is going through is increasing more and more and it would be so difficult to stop it.


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