Blog # 2 Wealth Inequality

After watching both of these videos I was definitely surprised at the extent to which wealth in America is unevenly distributed. I believe that most working class Americans already have the notion that we live in a nation that is unfortunately designed in a way that we don’t all have equal opportunities to social mobility. We know that the nation’s elite rule over the rest of society however, the actual findings of how wealth is distributed in America is absolutely astonishing. As demonstrated in the video “Wealth Inequality in America” we see how the system is unevenly skewed. How we think of it and how it actually is distributed is mouth dropping.

The demonstrations presented in the video represent the severity to which America is unequal. The nation’s top twenty percent has most of America’s wealth. The bottom forty percent barely has any equity and only the top ten percent are better off. The top two-five percent are in fact off the chart because their wealth is so immense. We see that America’s top one percent has forty percent of ALL the nation’s wealth. Their income has tripled in the last thirty years. As opposed to the bottom eighty percent that has only seven percent between them and has only gotten worst in the last twenty to thirty years. The middle class is barely distinguishable between the poor. These finding are mind boggling when actually layed out in graphs and compared, the disparities are remarkably unimaginable.

In the video “Land of the Free, Home of the Poor”, we really see how a lot of the public thinks of America’s wealth distribution. Distribution of wealth is demonstrated in three different pie graphs. The first which is all equal, the second which displays a figure in which there are partial disparities and lastly the third which demonstrates extreme inequality. Most of the people in the video believed that America’s wealth distribution was portrayed through the second graph when in reality it was actually the third. The richest top fifth own eight four percent while the bottom two-fifths own an invisible .3% of property.

This definitely supports how Marx believed that capitalism was an engine of inequality. It is a source of exploitation where the nation’s wealthiest feed off of the poor. Capitalism is built on the exploitation of the working class. Marx would definitely say that we live in a capitalist society today and would not at all be surprised by these findings. We WORK, WORK, WORK and in most instances we put in more than what is given to us in return for our hard labor. The higher ups have control on the capital and we have no say. At least now we have HR depts and we are able to unionize against unfair working conditions but even so we still fall under the rule of a capitalist dominant upper hand. As stated by Marx capitalism is inherently exploitative. We see how the working class struggles to remain afloat and remains at a stand still on the bottom. We are mere proletariates under the rule of capitalism. It takes money to make money and this is demonstrated with the upper class whose incomes’ seem to expand more and more.


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