(Blog Post #1) Wealth Inequality

Since the whole “hub-bub” of Occupy Wall Street has been relevant in our media, there has been much talk about wealth in our American society. Phrases, such as “We are the 99%” have been coined and used in news headlines and throughout the blogospheres. But why that phrase in particular? After watching these two videos, I completely understand. The nation, as a whole, has no idea how skewed our wealth distribution is. In a Socialist society, all wealth would be distributed equally, although that’s far from what our society is. We would like to believe that the wealth of our nation is distributed relatively equally, in a sense that the top 20% still maintain about 30% of the nation’s wealth, and the bottom 20% are still above the poverty line. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In reality, it’s so much more unequal than that. Many people are below the poverty line, and the middle class is not far behind from facing financial struggles, if they aren’t already. The wealthiest of our country are making exponentially more money than anybody else, to the point where they make up more than half of our nation’s wealth. Before watching these videos, I had a general sense of how unequal our society was. Now, my eyes are completely open, and it’s almost hard to believe. It’s alarming. My only question is this: How can we, as a society, move forward, when there are so many people who are stuck in their financial situation?


One response to “(Blog Post #1) Wealth Inequality

  1. To answer your question, I believe it would take a very long time to even move forward. I mean now a days even if we have a descent job, you still owe money to a credit company, loans, school, etc. It sucks that we live in a society where wealth is so enormously different compare to other countries. However this is how a capitalistic society is and one group gets more benefits that the other group.

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