Blog #1 “Crisis of Capitalism” Marx

Blog #1 Marx “Capitalism”

Watching the video clip of capitalism taught me the basic concepts of how this world really works. The five different genres such as human frailty, institutional failures, being obsessed with false theories, cultural origins and failure of policy that led to the economic crisis we are in today. It explained why we should look beyond capitalism towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a system that could be responsible, just and humane. Capitalism never solves its crisis problem, it just moves around geographically. The excess power of power was the root of the problem. This relates to Marx explaining the class consciousness, forces of production and relations of production. Reading Marx’s views help me realize why the division of labor in capitalism is inevitable resulted in alienation because this can be very stressful to an individual or groups opposing another. I say this because of the power of money in a Bourgeois society where the money is the universal medium. Money is honored so everyone wants to possess it. The government is action out for bourgeoisie not acting out for everybody. The government is not concerned for the people they just want to be the cash crop. It helped me realize that the government is not really for you they just tolerate you and use you for your service. Society is shaped based on upper class (bourgeoisie) and the people (proletariat) are the ones who work for wages to produce objects that are valued more than how much their actual income is shown. Knowing that what you make or produce can resort to issues where people feel worthless because of the actual work they put in they are not compensated for it. That leads to alienation where people may feel nonexistent.


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  1. mockingbird26

    During Marx’s period there were two types of classes the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat. the Bourgeoisie were who owned capital and the forces of production such as factories, machines,raw materials etc., while the proletariat were forced to work just for wages. This is a good example of how a class can be more powerful than other and thus have power over it. This compassion can be related in today’s world were the working class is ruled by the upper class.

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