Blog #2 Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend On It (Durkeim)

In this video clip it talked about how the elderly who depend on social security checks are still struggling to maintain and how the government that gives money to those who really don’t earn it and use it as a means to survival. The elderly felt that they deserve the extra they receive since they have worked hard for their pensions where as others who don’t even attempt to work survive off food stamps and medicare and government care that helps them pay their rent. They found this unfair and unjust and I agree because there are many citizens in this world who could really benefit from government assistance that don’t. There are people that just cheat the system and have no reasonable excuse to why they can’t work and make ends meet. According to Durkeim this refers to social facts. With the recession happening more people depend on the help of the government which hurts the society because people such as the elderly who paid their dues some have less money that their suppose to get because the government is dispersing the money out to other families who are “supposedly” in need. this also ties into social solidarity which is the cohesion of social groups. The middle class and lower class as well as the elderly all depend on the government in this situation. people are raising the issue of raising taxes and also cutting down social security as well as medicare and this is dividing the people because some families don’t know where to turn for support or help.


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