House Of Sand and Fog

In the film “House of Sand and Fog” we see Weber’s ideal types. Burrani’s character represent the traditional. patriarchal family, he’s the bread winner, wife is expected to obey her husband. with the lady who lost her house we see affection. she acts on her emotional state of mind. and with the police officer we see value-rational, when he planted the drugs on a man who was physically abusing his own wife, the officer justifies his actions because he believes this man deserved to be in jail one way or another. And again with Burrani we see instrumental-rational when he buys this house as an investment, he wasn’t thinking about what’s right and wrong, his only concern was to buy the house and sell it for a profit. this movie was very interesting and I liked how the events played into Weber’s ideal types.


One response to “House Of Sand and Fog

  1. I agree that this movie, house of sand and fog, plays into Weber’s ideal types really well. You explain that Burrani is instrumental-rational and traditional. Also, we see that the other characters represents value-rational and affective pretty well too. But, I think that his movie have more a inter-changeable ideas of Weber. I mean its pretty mix and we are able to say more than traditional and/or instrumental-value.

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