Wealth inequality

I found both these videos to be very mind blowing. I know that if five years back someone would have shown me the charts on the streets and asked me what I thought the distribution of wealth was I probably would have chosen the middle pie chart like most people did. 20% of the population own 84% of the nation’s wealth is mind blowing, but when I saw the second video and it said that 1% owns 40% of the nation’s wealth I almost stopped breathing! That’s completely insane! Who the heck needs that much money! The bottom 40% owns only 0.3%, that reality almost makes you want to cry. Its sad that people like Denise who has a college degree is losing her home while the filthy rich are buying their children a quarter of a million dollar play house.
I can respect what Warren Buffet said, to some extent the wealthy owe some of their good fortune to the rest of society. And he made a good point when he said that teachers and doctors are far more valuable than a ceo of a company. Most Americans don’t realize the extreme inequality and that’s probably because we view America as the land of opportunity. And we are not a third world country, and even those of us who do; feel helpless, and there is nothing we can do about it. If Marx were alive today he wouldn’t be surprised. the bourgeoisie continue to exploit the proletariat


One response to “Wealth inequality

  1. These videos really stunned me. It’s very sad to know that the richer are getting richer, the poorer are getting poorer, and the middle is disappearing. Look at the city of New York, for example. On the same block you can have a socialite drinking tea from a gold leaf cup, and a homeless man on that same street corner begging for spare change. Even though people work hard for their money, it’s scary to see the gap between the classes.

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