Weber and House of Sand and Fog

In the film House of Sand and Fog Weber’s ideal types were shown. An ideal type according to Weber is an abstract analytical construct, a means to do a social research derived
from empirical observation. A traditional example of the ideal type from the movie would be Behrani renovating the house to build a balcony of some sort in order to have things the way they were. An affective action from the movie would have been Kathy attempting to kill herself due to an emotional state she was in at the time.


One response to “Weber and House of Sand and Fog

  1. i agree with Mr. Behrani restoring the house and placing a balcony on the house because it reminded him of his estate back in Iran. Kathy’s affective actions with her attempting to commit suicide, Mr. Behrani exemplifies Weber’s charismatic action where he shows heroism in protecting Kathy from killing herself, despite the confrontation between each other.

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