Blog #2 Gender inequality

Gender inequality is defined as economic and political disparities between genders. The video we watched in class epitomizes gender inequality in our society today. In the clip a woman was introduced to her job and every person in the workplace was a male. This shows how men dominated the corporate world and women had no plausible place in the “corporate world”. The video also went on to show how women weren’t seen as capable of performing certain tasks. One of the characters stated to paraphrase ” heres a type writer, its simple enough for a woman to use”. This also went to show that machines had to be simplistic and easy enough for a woman to use. In my opinion this was just the way of society at the time, the idea of women working seemed bizarre . However this doesn’t make it right but it could explain the reason behind why people behaved the way they did in this time.


One response to “Blog #2 Gender inequality

  1. I think that you are right that in any job (especially the corporate world or the office world) look down on women who are trying to make the same living as men do. However there are places that believe women are to much and that they should be staying at home. We know that women are able to do the same jobs as men but they get paid less and not acknowledge at all. For women there is a long way to catch up to male’s wealth.

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