Post #2 Symbolic Interactionism And gender Inequality

We discussed in class today that “Symbolic interactionism” is how gender differences are reinforced and institutionalized through the process of “socialization”

When searching the word “socialization”, the definition found was as follows: “a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his/her social position”.

What stands out to me in this definition is the word “appropriate”, how do we define what exactly is appropriate today? What would happen if what we accept as gender roles, switched over night?  Would it not look “normal” if women behaved like men and men like women?

In my opinion, the media plays a huge role in how we behave and what we (society) view as values and norms.

What if things were the opposite of what we know today? Attached is a video of switched gender roles.  What is your opinion on this video?


One response to “Post #2 Symbolic Interactionism And gender Inequality

  1. Agreed, the media does play a huge role in the decisions and the way people act and react to situations, however this doesn’t make them right or wrong, its just the way society is, maybe the solution to this is that our media needs to be censored in a way that it does not affect the upcoming generation but then again this is America :-)

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