Blog 9: Gliman

What I think that  Gilman have tried to indicate in her writings is that the women in the home sphere are not represented in the labor field because her labor is her husbands. That defines the reason that no matter how much the women works in the home, the housewife social and economic status or standings are her husband. Also, Gilman mentioned and emphasize the difference in the socialization that leads to gender inequality. In example that she brought into this idea is how children, both boys and girls, are taught to dress differently and act and think differently because of their gender. In addition, these children around these age are the same because their needs and thoughts will be the same.

Gilman did not disagree with the differences that exist between men and women. She understood the different biological of men and women and the unique capabilities that women have which gave women good social value. I want to bring an example of the difference that men and women are portrayed in our world, if you go to Target or a toy store you will see the water guns and ships for boys and vacuum and food market toys for girls. This distinction that has been going on before the time of Gilman and now in our society that women are different from man. I think that there are people thinking that why would women work outside of the home if their are parents, while their husband have good jobs. I think that it is best for both people to work to have what life gives you and even if women are paid low doing the same jobs as men, I believe that women now in modern age are trying to be step closer to men.


The Yellow Wallpaper that Gilman wrote I was very interesting. First, her “hysteria” was diagnosed both her husband and her brother (both doctors). She mentioned that her remedy was stay away from “tonics, and air and exceeds, and journeys” and was “forbidden to “work””(Edles & Appelrouth, 234) until she was well again. However she denied that this was the case, she felt that her husband and brother ideas was wrong because her brother and husband believe that Gilman was not sick but was the “temporary nervous depression…slight hysterical tendency” (Ibid, 234). of what women goes through after giving birth. I debate the idea further more just because it is hard to have a child in an era that does not understand what women undergoes when they have a child. In addition, her thoughts about not following what they wanted and how she felt within herself and what she really needed to be socialize. As I remember Durkheim mentioned that if a person doesn’t have enough or have any social bonds then they tend to commit suicide. When reading this it looks like her husband put her in a room to somewhat enforce her not to do anything that might be work related. However the reason she wrote this, in my opinion, is because she suffered nervous breakdown multiple periods of time and this is an example of what some doctors think women should be doing rather than trying something different to be better.

As mentioned in the beginning Gilman discusses the women in the household doing the housework however it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in the work, your status is gain from your husband. Also, the work that is done in the home benefits the husband as well.  She mentioned that a woman with many children do not earn a lot of money because their husband are working class men while wealthy men wifes do not have to work hard inside the home because of they have other people to take care of the households. However, it is hard to do all the housework and not get compensated for it because it is the property of your husband/father.

There is a youtube video that I found that talks about the inequality of women in the workforce. Women in China who works in the business world actually earns 69% of what their counterparts make. Also promotion is difficult but recently there were changes in how many women are working in the business world and the becoming CEOs. In addition, due to the increase gap of economic wealth between women and men because there are preset discriminatory against female. In China, females are discarded because parents prefer males and this indicate the increase of stay home women, increase of domestic violence, and increase of not having the benefits as their male counterparts.




One response to “Blog 9: Gliman

  1. I agree with your analysis of Gilman’s perspective and all the evidence you provided in following her outlook. I for one also believe that there are biological differences between men and women which are bound by nature, but what i don’t believe in is that women are unequal to men. In the 21st century, the transition is already occurring in which gender norms for both males and females are being dispelled and it is more acceptable for a woman to be breadwinners for their households.

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