Woman Vs Men

It’s quite amazing how gender inequality can be shown in something so unexpected such as language! I had no idea about this until I took a Spanish heritage course. Language is not only a phonetic form of communication between humans beings, but as well as a form of symbolic interaction on the bases of customs and beliefs. In one of our lessons in my Spanish class we were learning about the history of the Spanish linguistics, and we came across a very unique word “misogino” , which translated on to the English language as “misogynist” ( woman hater) and out of curiosity I asked the professor if there was such word for (men haters) and of course she said “no it doesn’t exist” . Not only was I in utter shock but extremely disappointed! How can my native language be so sexist! This situation put many things into perspective for me and helped me realize how many of the times we fall victims to these bias ideologies of sexism (including woman); and how can we not fall victims to such when even our language show gender inequalities . As Gilman mentions, we can see gender disparities in our economy; woman get paid 77 cents for every dollar men get paid. A woman’s income many of the times come from her husband and this dependency affects these woman financially and personally. Being dependent on your husband can deteriorate your confidence and sense of self efficiency. After, a while men feel the right to treat woman like property , a doll that’s capable of accomplishing any desire and task as her husband mandates ; a trophy that shows of their social economic standing. Also, too much importance on sex distinction can lead to these gender barriers. We are biologically built differently; but that doesn’t necessary make one gender better than the other. Nevertheless woman are seen as weak for being able to produce the miracle of life and for being affectionate or emotion. The yellow wall paper (Gilman’s semibiographical book /movie) is a great example on how woman are undermined and have no voice in their household. They are limited by the patriarchs of the family and are embedded with the idea that they know best for them. I came across a very remarkable video. It’s a Pantene commercial for the Philippines and it emphases on labels and how many times successful hard working woman are seen as bossy, selfish, pushy, vain and show offs. When in the other hand successful men are seen as persuasive, neat, dedicated and smooth individuals.


4 responses to “Woman Vs Men

  1. shannonhopeinman

    Wow, that is really interesting about the Spanish language having a specific word for “woman hater.” Our discourse can be so powerful. It also shows that gender inequality is cross cultural and embedded into society. The video you posted was so accurate. It is so disheartening that often times women are seen as “bossy” instead of boss or “selfish” while men are seen as dedicated. There is a double standard that makes winning the respect of men so much harder.

  2. I did not know that in our own language did not have a word for men haters but there were women haters. However, I agree with that you mentioned that we, as women, were born with biological differences and it is true not to judge one gender more than the other. Reading the Yellow Wallpaper and watching your video some what contrast the idea what men really think of women. For example, the reasons that the male/doctor/husband/brother has more rights to what a women has then herself. And that women suppose to be a fragile child that actually need the help of this strong man who is willing to help her out.
    But, I believe that what Gilman did for herself and for future view of women in society helped shed some light to what is going on with today’s society. So, it sucks that men earn more money than women, and yet women still has to work hard/harder to achieve not nearly close as their male counter parts. The suck-est thing what I see on TV (when I get the chance) is that men are portrayed in office jobs as the boss or a lazy one with sexual tendencies of getting laid with their secretaries. In addition, I feel that this is what is going on in the corporate world, and the consumer/selling merchandise world as well.
    Personally, I see it in my home a bit. My mother want all her daughters (five of us, no boys in the family, yet) to have a man who earns well and who is suppose to support you financially and everything. My mother will say that your man suppose to buy you this, he suppose to buy you your lunch, your clothes, etc but you are not suppose to buy them anything that they are suppose to buy for themselves (such as clothing, presents, etc). I think their is a standard for a man to be where they are in society too. Another thing is that in my Jewish history course I took about 2 years ago, Jewish women were the bread winners while the man stayed home being a scholar, and the man had all the rights to the women/wife earnings because he is the man and she is just the women.

  3. As a feminist I am all about woman power and do agree that gender inequalities prevail across societies. As a Hispanic woman I must agree that our culture is very much sexist indeed. There are a lot of what we call “machistas”, macho men with inflated egos that do believe that women are the inferior sex. We see it portrayed in soap operas all the time or even in the common belief that a woman’s place is at home. However I do believe in a woman’s intellectual capacity and ability to excel in the workplace just as men. Even the working mothers who are considered “super moms”. I believe we have the natural ability to juggle many things at once. I also didn’t know that there was a word for “woman hater” however sadly I am not surprised. The Pantene commercial is brilliant!!! I believe that more companies should advocate for gender equality. We live in the 21st century and its about time that a woman should be given her place. I do believe in a woman’s independence and think that it is important that we break free from these molds. We can do it to!!! Also another good commercial is the Nike Michael vs Mia one that came out years ago. “Anything you can do I can do better”. These two commercials do demonstrate the constant battle of the sexes that we experience in society today.

  4. I have hit reply on this video about 5 times, I absolutely love how women are labeled of some many negative things and men are praised for the same exact things. The one label that stood out the most what the “bossy” one. I’ve always wondered why is it that if a man is “bossy” he’s just being a good boss but if a woman is “bossy” she is labeled as “bitchy” (pardon the word) it goes back to what I always say, we have so much more to accomplish to get this gender inequality up to par.

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