Blog #3: Behind the bars of the American Dream

In the article “The American Dream rewards few, enslaves millions” written by Bhaskar Sunkara, the author discusses how the American dream is an illusion. Many people immigrate to America with the idea that there is an easy way to make money and get rich. However, as I previously mentioned, this is just an illusion. Not everyone is afforded the same luxury of making a lot of money without hard work and dedication. Bhaskar clearly states that “it is not that everyone can be successful, it’s that anyone can be successful.”  It is not realistic to think that you can come to America, and automatically gain riches. For the most part, wealthy individuals did not attain their fortunes just by their drive and hard work, they are selected as “token children.” I am of the belief that hard work and determination will get you far.


One response to “Blog #3: Behind the bars of the American Dream

  1. Hey E,
    I definitely believe that the American dream may well be an illusion…”a dream” intangible. I also agree that many people migrate here with the idea that money grows on trees and that this country holds the solution to their problems. However we know that it is not that simple. Many immigrants leave their homeland in search of opportunity and when they come here they may not even have a legal status. Many doors slam in their faces before they are employed. Often times, they live in one bedrooms only to rise early to make whatever money they can and come home late to repeat the same routine over and over until they have gathered enough money to send to their families every chance they can. Settling here can become quite difficult while doing odd jobs here and there. We know that a lot of women leave families of their own behind to work for well off families here as housekeepers or nannies. On the other hand the elite in this country have privileges that are only within their circle. Many of them are born into wealth and the lower classes struggle for social mobility. There are very few success stories that start from the bottom because connections play a key role in reaching success. It take a lot of struggle, sweat, hard work and tears to move up.

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