post #3: Gender inequality

Socialization establishes our norms in our society. Everything is taught through all types of interactions. Gender is something that begins to be embodied on us once we are born. Girls and boys are separated by color, attire, toys, behaviors, etc. So many gender norms are disciplined that it feels as if it limits what women can do. Although much time has passed and many barriers have been broken towards gender norms,  gender inequality still exist.

Like Gilman explains, women automatically are one step behind men because a lot of focus can be towards physicality and not skills. A man and a women are able to perform the same exact job, but women still aren’t able to have the same pay or benefits for the job.  Women sometimes can’t be seen as the head because of the norms set on them. In this continuous struggle women have improved tremendously.  In many present cases women alone provide for the own families, have careers of all kinds, and are business owners. In class Professor Hala mentioned that women from age 25-34 are now making 95 cents for every dollar a man makes. That amazing to hear. They are breaking many barriers and are still continuing to improve.


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