Gender-Inequality #1

Individuals in society for many years have tried to conform to the social norms of sex and gender. Society forms socialization patterns associated with gender, assigning roles and expectations to each; these roles are ingrained at a young age, through gender-specific toys, cultural values, and stereotypes. Such definitions begin at birth or even earlier – when a pregnant woman finds out she is having a boy, the tendency is to automatically stock up on all things “boy,” from blue items to trucks and action figures. All aspects of society reinforce these gender ideas. Parents and teachers segment children by the clothes and activities associated with their genders and throughout life we continue to reinforce those same norms within peer groups. Ferree and Hall, believe gender socialization is “ongoing, multi-level processes of social expectations, control, and struggle that sustain and subvert gender systems” (Ferree & Hall). The expectancy goes even further in forming the way we express ourselves based on our sex.The  the way we speak and the careers we want to pursued is routed by our society and based on our gender.

, it is all navigated by society without any rebellion


One response to “Gender-Inequality #1

  1. Yes it’s the way our society is and how it always will be. There were all these rules set on what’s appropriate and what’s not but who set those rules who knows! we just know we follow. Funny how I can relate myself, I have a 4 year old son and I tend to see myself enforcing him to be though in certain situations because “boys don’t cry.” Not that it’s not ok for a boy to cry of course it is but it’s just something that comes automatically I don’t intentionally do it. I just figure I need to prepare him for the real world if he grows up not being tough then when he goes to school and he’s all alone he would get bullied and I don’t want that for my son, this way he would know how to react in a situation like that. Sad but true it’s the way life works, the society we live in can be very cruel and some people can’t handle it.

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