Blog #6 More than just Gender Inequality

Gender inequality continues to be a worldwide issue; women and girls are often denied equal access to education, medical care, livable wages and personal autonomy. The U.N. Women partnered with Christopher Hunt  and created a campaign against gender inequality using real Google auto complete results. The ads highlight popular discussions and beliefs about women across the internet. The results are COMPELLING!!!! Try it yourself.

Ads show sexism in Google searches

Ads show sexism in Google searches

There is a global impact of gender inequalities. To the extreme, gendercide is REAL and is happening in India and China. Millions of baby girl fetuses are aborted just because they are girls and once newborn they are killed. We know that in the Indian tradition the family of the bride must give dowry to the groom’s family. Girls are seen as expensive and as being unable to carry the family name. Therefore, boys are more convenient to have. Women are being forced to abort their fetuses if it carries a female gender or kill their newborn baby girls. This is legal in India. I watched this documentary which discusses gendercide in India and its absolutely astonishing.

Also, China has one of the highest male-to-female ratios. There are millions of missing girls and women. This is an EXTRAORDINARY level of gender discrimination.


4 responses to “Blog #6 More than just Gender Inequality

  1. I agree with your blog that there is gendercide existing. Sadly, I did not know that India are doing the same thing that China had. I know that in China they were abandoning girls because the boys are able to continue with the family name. Also, I remember seeing a documentary about the lost girls from China on Netflix. Also, when I saw this documentary I was actually taking an Sociology of Asian American course. It is very distrubing that people think less of women and girls. Why would a mother (a women herself) would agree to abort or kill a newborn?
    There are more men in China, less women for them to marry and create a populated country. I heard that single men kidnapped marry women and force them to have their offspring because they want to continue their legacy even if the women is not their wife. I am glad that there are people who are working hard to fight for girls and future generations of girls. I think without women, there would be no men!!
    Personally, I prefer to have a girl than a boy. I know that this is kind of odd but I think a girl are capable of having all the qualities the boys bring but with more of a sense of responsibilities. (plus I do not have brothers, only sisters)

  2. Great blog! I actually tried it myself and typed into goggle search engine and really am disturbed to read what came up. It is very sad we are living in a world like this. Being a mother myself I can say having a child is a blessing, it is the most incredible feeling in the world to feel a fetus growing inside of you and moving around and see a child develop and grow right before your eyes. Though I have a son, I cannot imagine being upset and wanting to abort if I were to find out then my son was in fact a girl. The child is innocent and did not ask to be brought into this world, how can that even be accepted and allowed? to kill or abort a child when you find out it is a girl just sounds crazy! Makes you wonder will we ever move on past this and come together as a nation and put an end to situations like this.

  3. Great post!! Firstly, the google searches are just so sad. I hope that one day there will come a time in society when women are respected and treated equally. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around this gendercide. I don’t know how it is morally or ethically accepted by societies. This further contributes to this discrimination against women.

  4. This was a great blog post! I can’t believe with so many advances the world has achieved in other aspects of life that something like gender discrimination still exist today. It’s simply mind-blowing the way in which women are treated in these countries and now they stand even further from a fair fight because they aren’t being allowed to be born. It’s difficult to think how women could just allow these things to happen but then again it’s hard for us to place ourselves in a situation where we are as helpless as these women are.

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