Blog 10: Simmel “Exchange & Conflict”

“Now every interaction is properly viewed as a kind of exchange” (Edles & Appelrouth, 280) is what modern society think of everything that they do. As Simmel mentioned it is what we do when we have a conversation with someone, every love that comes in and out of your life, games, and other activities that take time away from us during the day because it is an interaction that we want to do other than other things. I believe that if something that takes time out of your day is more important than other things, such as studying vs work. Also he mentioned something about the value of the exchange. That means that the one item values it high and the exchange can be the price for the item; however some people would not be willing to pay high for one item. (This could be expensive tablet vs a good computer – different functions yet different way to spend your money because your time and effort on making the money is being used to buy yourself the item you want to be productive.)

Simmel mention that there is always conflict to pursuit goals. For example, the conflict you are able to get when you are in a relationship. In addition, conflict occurs in relationship in work, friendship, and intimate relationship. I believe what Simmel was trying to state in his writing that in an common things that occur in life, there is always obstacles that someone must undergo because there is some type of interest for the person. The interest could be anything that the person would want and know that they have to undergo the obstacle.


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