Blog #4 “House Of Sand And Fog”

Max Weber’s examples of “idea types” of social actions were seen a lot throughout the movie “House of Sand and Fog”. An example of “traditional” was the opening scene when they were at the wedding. Getting married and having babies is tradition in many families. There were also many “affective” social actions examples. Both Lester and the Benrani’s wife went on emotions. When Lester cheated on his wife and when the Behrani’s wife helped Kathy when she got hurt. Even towards the end of the movie when she knew the entire story, she still was very welcoming of Kathy and wanted to help her. An example of “instrumental rational” is when the man bought the home so that he could sell it and make money. By selling the house he would make a profit. Examples of “value rational” actions was when Lester helped out Kathy, even though he didn’t have to. He gave her the number for the legal aid, he continued to check up on her, and when he believed he had to get her house back. Lester did all of this because he believed it was the right thing to do. Behrani believed that the right thing to do was to remain in the house since he believed that he purchased it fairly, but Kathy believed she should have the house back because she believed in the value of the home because it meant something to her.


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