Blog #5 “Working Class” vs “Ruling Class”

Karl Marx looked at the point of view of the “working class” people. His theory of exploitation was true. Many workers were working many hours and putting in a lot of time than what was given in return. They had no voice in this type of exchange relationship. Even in society now, there are many workers who are producing and making products that are worth a lot of money when they are sold, and the wages they are getting are nothing compared to the product there making. Along with all the hard work the workers are putting in. A worker making a Chanel purse or a Valentino sweater is not getting paid at all close enough to the value of the product they are making. The products they are making are sold for thousands. Those who make things don’t always get the money, and those who get the money don’t always make things. Without the people working hard and making the products, no money will ever be made. In the working world, the owners will always be part of the “ruling class” even without putting in half the effort that their workers do. It can be a win/lose situation. It’s in favor of the “ruling class”.


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