Blog #3 The American Dream and Social Control


I came across this interesting commercial that made me anxious but it also made me think a lot about my position in society and the effect of social media on the individuals perspectives.  After watching I began to question myself.  Am I working as hard as I should to reach the American Dream? But what is the American Dream? From what I saw in the commercial, a big house with a pool, a beautiful family and a dog, a nice car and obviously lots of money and status compose the “American Dream”.

Why does it sound so simple when the man on the screen talks about success?  Success should be easy to accomplish when the “formula” is given to you… “You work hard, you create your own luck and you believe everything is possible” well, I’ve been working hard since I can recall, I like to think that I create my own luck by being positive and I believe everything is possible, oh wait! No, I have my doubts about everything being possible because as hard as I work and as much as I like to think everything is possible I yet have not created the luck of achieving the American dream!!  Enjoy the video!


3 responses to “Blog #3 The American Dream and Social Control

  1. While reading your post I realize that everyone is doing the same thing you are or more. I don’t think we can create our luck, I think there are people who are so lucky than other people. For example, people who are lazy are lucky to get a job easily while someone who has been searching and trying to get another job are unable to get it as easily. So, the house with the pool is what every family now a days want and I think that a home with everything that make you feel rich is what society thinks is rich.
    I do not know about what I want in my future home but I wish to have another job (2 incomes at least) and just pay off that American debt many people have. With the American debt I do not think the American dream could happen.

  2. I think in today’s society it does not matter how hard you work, its all about the connections and people you know. It is rare for someone to get a great job without knowing someone that works their first. Many people who are trying to achieve the American Dream are not succeeding because even people graduating from Ivy leagues are not finding jobs. This just shows how much tougher the economy has gotten. Everything is just so difficult and expensive. I don’t think it matters how hard someone works, its really a matter of luck in my opinion.

  3. Yes a person can be lucky but one should never give up their dream and aspiration. It is hard to find a job but also I find that there are a lot of people in this world that just dont want to work. It is a never ending struggle but oit is important to try and put a good fight. Never give up hope.

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