Blog post #1 Wealth Inequality

There is so much wealth inequality in the United States that it makes you wonder why that is. Everyone strives to get to the top and become part of the wealthy. Unfortunately many will not be able to reach their goal because there are forces that make if difficult for them. Marx spoke about two groups of people. The bourgeoisie, are the people who hold the most economic power. These are the people who own the wealthiest companies. The people who work for them are called the proletariat. These are the people who do not own property and are forced to work for wages as a mean to survive. This hasn’t changed. The modern day bourgeoisie has to maintain their status by exploiting the proletariat. The proletariats are not getting the amount of wealth they deserve, which makes it almost impossible for them to become a bourgeoisie. It is difficult for them to own properties without the wealth needed to do so. This is why the wealth in the U.S. is unequal as it is. This is just getting worse as the years go on.


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