Blog Post #2 Gender Socialization

This is in relation to the ideas of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Beyoncé has been identified as a feminist and showed this in her music, more specifically in a song. Her song ‘Flawless’ includes a part of a speech made by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about gender inequality. She points out how women have been expected to act in certain ways differently than males. Women are expected to stay thin, not be too successful, not be sexual beings and expected to strive for marriage. Men on the other hand do not have these expectations. Gender socialization is constantly being done. Unfortunately society gives specific roles for men and women. As much as we would love to say that we are equal, the reality is that we are not quite there yet. That is the point Chimamanda makes in her speech. She spoke about something she experienced, she had gone out with a male friend and she tipped a man who had parked her car, the man thanked her friend even though she was the one who gave the tip. Women are not seen as the “bread winners”, it is always the men. The man who parked her car assumed that money came from her male friend. Women are somewhat expected to become dependent of men. That is what society teaches women. Although gender inequality has gotten somewhat better than the earlier years, it is still very much present.


One response to “Blog Post #2 Gender Socialization

  1. i agree that society has created this idea of male dependency from women. Its ridiculous that regardless of how far women have come in relations to politics, technology etc, we are still seen as the weaker gender in every aspect. I think it has gotten better in certain places like america but other countries unfortunately still struggle with a large amount of gender inequality.

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