Blog Post #3: Gender Inequality

Charlotte Perkins Gilman had some very thought provoking ideas and perspectives on gender inequality for her era that are still relevant today. I found her ideas on the division of labor interesting. She stated that women’s economic status is based on the men in their life and that their labor does not equate to their wages. The higher the status of a woman, the less she works. The lower the status of a woman, she more she works. The traditional patriarchal family structure ultimately exploits women. Our class discussion on how men and women are socialized differently on how we take up space led me to notice over the past week examples of this in my daily life. A few days ago when I was at a coffee shop, I noticed three men taking up a whole table that could seat six. They were all spread out, having a seat in between each of them. I immediately thought about our class discussion and how if it were girls, they would all be sitting close together. In addition, my roommate sent me this video the other day of switched gender roles, where women publicly made sexist comments to men in London. It admittedly is humorous, but has a deeper meaning, showing how women are over sexualized and disrespected on a daily basis. All the comments made by the woman in the video are real life examples taken from The Everyday Sexism Project. Another relevant article I found was on a matriarchal society known as the “Kingdom of Women” in China. In this society, they have no words for “husband” or “father” and the women are in charge, making every big financial decision, having ownership of the land, and choose as many or as few sexual partners as they want throughout their life.




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