Blog #3 Simmel and Sociability

I recall many times where I would find myself in an almost meaningless conversation with someone, typically a stranger and I never would have thought that someone would have studied that type of interaction.  The simple social interaction seems so minuscule and almost pointless that it’s rather shocking to realize that there is so much behind the concept.  Simmel uses the term sociability to categorize the interactions among people, specifically, interacting with others for the sake of the connection itself and not having any significance or ulterior motive.  It makes you wonder about all the past interactions you’ve had and seeing which ones fit into Simmel’s definition of sociability.  It makes you question every social interaction, maybe even as far as to question some social structures that we have in place today.  Why not after all?  Simmel questioned something that many of us may not even deem as near important.  Simmel seems to indirectly push us to want to ask why something is the way it is, no matter how basic.  At least I find myself asking that question.


One response to “Blog #3 Simmel and Sociability

  1. In the North, people seem to be more fake, I feel this is so because there is so much business going in that one may yearn for just a small healthy amount of human interaction. These people ask how are young doing, yet they never expect to hear a story that could take up their energy or time, or they just don’t care. They don’t want to become too personal with their talk or make others feel uneasy. How fake is this and if we continue such a behavior, can the most important problems like the elephant in the room be solved? Just curious.

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