Blogpost #3 Simmel & Fashion

When most people think of fashion they don’t directly associate it with sociology because they are merely trends that fade in and out of our lives and in history. Even though Simmel though of fashion as relevant in social life. Many years ago, his idea that it plays as a role of conformity and well as distinction is in my opinion more prevalent today than ever before. Simmel first goes onto explain fashion in terms of conformity, or as I like it call it, “a way in”. Simmel also explained fashion in terms of distinction or when you don’t want to fit in but stand out in the crowd so all eyes are on you. This concept reminded me of a popular tv show called Gossip Girl, where there was a catholic school in the upper east side occupied with mostly rich preppy kids and they all had to wear uniforms. Seeing as though, they had no choice but to conform, a number of the kids made themselves distinct in little but obvious ways through fashion. For instance, one student would wear her uniform with a expensive chanel bag while another student would tie her tie differently, another student may wear high bright colored stockings, and of course expensive jewelery and shoes, hair and makeup were essentials. In this show, these little things associate themselves with their class. In the clip that I atttatched, you can see a clear distinction from the rich girls of the upper east side the middle class boy from Brooklyn.

Whereas, in the video we watched in class some of the fashion trends that people participate in, such as couples wearing matching underwear is a way for them to get closer and developer a deeper relationship. So ultimately, fashion has become such a major part of our daily life whether it be getting people together or creating disparities, that it makes you wonder if the world would be a better place if this idea of fashion didn’t exist.


2 responses to “Blogpost #3 Simmel & Fashion

  1. I always wondered how the rich keep conforming and while creating their own fashion distinctions. There lies a will to look like you belong to certain class while expressing oneself. I can see the dichotomy between want to be and individual and wanting to belong. I guess we don’t realize it but when we see someone with a similar style, even if it is made into a personalized outfit, we smile and consider that person same class, but unique outfit.

  2. I like this blog post. I always have wondered what the world would be like if fashion wasn’t such a huge part of our culture. As a woman, I always find myself going crazy and stressing out because I want to dress to impress. even in society everyone makes a big deal about having the designer clothes, or the nicest shoes. It makes our society superficial and materialistic which is great for capitalism but takes a huge toll on people’s personalities and also insecurities of not fitting in.

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