Post #4 Racism

Came across this video on “Up worthy” and found it very interesting.  It pretty much sums up today’s class discussion about race.  It is so amazing to realize that even among minorities, we have internalized racism and to certain extend, some of us are racist and don’t even realize it.   We assume certain ethnic groups belong in certain fields and some of us even look down on people of our own race and even nationality for having a darker complexion.

Take a look at the video, not only will you enjoy it and perhaps laugh a little, but it will also make you think about the way we have internalized racism.


6 responses to “Post #4 Racism

  1. The video is funny made me laugh a little but at the same time it’s so sad because everything he’s saying is so true and continues to happen in today’s society. Instantly a person judges you and makes assumptions solely based on your appearance. The part when he said there would be 41% white people and 51% of “you people” was the part that stood out to me the most, if your not white you are just like the “others” really nothing that makes you different whites are the superior ones among all races.

  2. Seeing the video and reading what you wrote is what we literally do everyday and we do not know we actually do it! I literally say the same thing about the Arizona talk because people who live in Arizona thinks they want to live in non-Hispanic (or non-immigrant ) world and keep it “white” but seriously these people are ignorant. Wake up and see what you are living in a state that used to part of Mexico. Anyways straying from that all conversation I think I do the same thing. I remember mentioning after class that within the Hispanic community we do the same thing especially if people ask you where you are from. When people ask me I said well I was born here, so I am American but they asked what nationality and I would say my parents are from this country. I was told I was from this or sometimes I would feel offended it might be because we as Americans especially from immigrants parents we want to have those high hopes we are some what better in our culture than other people (which I think not, I just think people should not judge people from where they are but it something that is already was set in our own culture already)

  3. shannonhopeinman

    Wow, I have to admit that this video did make me laugh but it is so true. The racism that takes place in America is definitely more subtle than it used to be, but just as frequent, and even among one’s own ethnicity. What stood out to me is how he said that we as Americans should be past “tolerance” and simply just love and accept people. I think that is so powerful.

  4. Yeah I guess this stems from Durkheim’s ideology on symbols. I honestly deem it clever that white media presents so many stereotypes about race, black woman symbol this that , white man power, and others terror, immigrant , etc. Their media does this so well so that even if they become the minority, symbols and bad ones remaining will only ensure divide and conquer. This seems non-rational, but those who master it are rational for their own benefit.

  5. This was a funny video but I also agree that because its true its kind of sad. It’s sad to think that the country is divided between the whites and the “others”. In a country where technological advancement is spoken about so often and like the comedian said is advertised to be the “best” the way we handle racial differences has got to be one of the worst.

  6. It’s pretty depressing that the world is still like this. Today we live in such a technologically advanced world and people are so much more educated now but unfortunately ignorance is still present. I hate to think that I would be judged solely by ethnicity, its just a hateful and stereotypical way of going about things. I can’t really say much against this issue because in a way it is understood because people believe in stereotypes or base their judgments the way they do for a reason and that isn’t really understood until your in that persons shoe. Really what people need to start doing is be more open minded and learn through others as much as possible.

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