Post #4 : Simmel and Fashion

History repeats itself and so will fashion. I think of fashion as a continuous cycle that runs through new ideas and reverses to old ones. Like Simmel explains fashion has a transitory pattern. It begins with its acceptance with the people, then it spreads, once it begins to spread widely people start to deviate from it, and then  a new change in fashion begins.  Simmel says they develop in cities first because they strengthen social relations.

I believe fashion allows people to be social. It’s a way to be connected through out all classes. Even if finances are clearly not equal, people are aware of the styles and trends that are out from upper classes.  I feel that humans naturally want to be part of a group and fashion lets you socialize in that way. People feel its important to be part of its cycle.  It lets you express yourself personally while your still connected to others who share your same style. It strengthens relations and brings forth comfort when others follow your style or you are a part of a group that share the same fashion.


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