Blog # 13: “The Souls of Black Folk” & “The Soul of White Folk” (Du Bois)

While reading the souls of black folk I notice that the experience of black people in the 20th century American Scoiety is due to chains of slavery. I mentioned chains because of the racial boundaries that was created due to the color of the skin. In additon I believe that black folk by Du Bois is important because he mentioned the color line (as mentioned the boundaries of “white and color”), double consciousness (“the sense of always looking at oneself through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by this tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity” (Edles & Appelrougth
,351)), and viel (an invisible but noticeable aspect of life that if one has skills such as craftsman, if he is black he is a poor craftsman because he loves in a condition of poverty).
Furthermore Du Bois brings into the table that even though he did all his research he cannot deny that these African-Americans are actually cannot move up easily at the moment (maybe a few if they have the resource to) because poverty is what these people are trying to surpass and do well. However these thoughts and ideals are something great to over pass the trials and the pain these people have to undergone to but the society of white put them there. In the white folk reading it mentioned that African Americans coming back from the first war were treat was second class citizen. In additon between 1910s-1920s the “new negro” started to show their educational side. However this was something dangerous for the black community because the NAACP nearly doubled and helped anyone who needed help. Unfortunately with the new group with literacy and militancy and due to that change.
Du Bois mentioned that the white privileges are invisible to white but for blacks is showable and it constructs the double consciousness and the racial aspect of it too. In additon the funny part is that how can the white people kill their own American people (the blacks for being more educated and wanted to have the same rights because they are also Americans and serve the war) and say what happen in Getmany and to the Jews was immoral and disgusting. The saddest thing is that lunging and rape is what the white people think would make the African American back to their place is not a good thing. I notice that the old thoughts of pre-salvery and after the civil war created this hysteria of fear that blacks are going to control America. I think the fear that you cannot allow someone out of their cage is dangerous and the unknown of that action can cause different reaction from people (and the masses would be corrupt in some ways and uncontrollable to the point things would go wrong).


One response to “Blog # 13: “The Souls of Black Folk” & “The Soul of White Folk” (Du Bois)

  1. Reding through your blog was interesting because It is amazing how a white person will feel treated that a black person is trying to advance . It is not enough that a black person has to put double the work an effort to succeed but has to battle their way in. Black folks are as human as a white folks made of the same flesh. In New York who does the hard work like home health aide to clean someone’s buttocks and keep them in good hygiene standard? The black person why. Because black people work hard and to make end meat will do what it takes to succeed. I very seldom hear black people say “I will do what it takes and little by little I will climb the later no matter how hard and how long it takes. Now when they get to a governing position they have to be careful because they are hated by the white people that I have heard stated that they refuse to work under a white person yet they will not put the effort to also succeed. I feel sometimes they want to just a hand down job. Now I am not saying that because I believe that all white folks think the same there good people in life that go by the same rules. We must not discourage. The main idea is that we must continue how path and worry about what others think as long as we are doing the right thing

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