Race- Blog 2

What is race? Aside from all the possible definitions anyone can come up with what it comes down to race is our physical differences. Race refers to a person’s physical appearance, such as skin, hair texture, eye color, bone/jaw structure, etc. Race divides people from one another solely based on your physical characteristics. Racial prejudice remains a problem throughout the world today and will always be a problem. Du Bois believed whites see themselves a certain way, as superior to others. This all stems back to the slavery days and race was something created by our own society. The whites were the slave owners and the slaves were those of color. Whites are imprisoned in their own minds and self-conception of the world. Du Bois uses the concept “whiteness” as a social construct, developed in the time of slavery. It all stems down to the white culture dominating the blacks by exploiting them, raping and murdering them in order to gain their riches. As a result the wealth and power gained gave whites a sense of superiority among all and this continues today.


7 responses to “Race- Blog 2

  1. It is true due to the slavery period many of the whites felt they were better and able to control and take over the blacks lives because it is their duty. However, i believe Du Bois was trying to tell the white folks that hey because of our early colonial to slavery history and all its events, thoughts and its injustice laws this is why we (all the black folks) are like this and we cannot be changing it by ourselves while you are denying our right as American citizens. It is hard to even try to persuae a majority that does not care for people of color.

  2. shannonhopeinman

    You are right, Du Bois refers to African Americans having a double consciousness of how they perceive themselves and how they know whites perceive them. Whites do not have this because they have always been the elite. Growing up in the south, it is so sad to me that the residue of this mentality still lingers among some white people.

  3. Racism doesn’t have to remain forever, like Durkheim , symbols play a role of racism. Many symbols are racist today, sometimes blacks as depicted as african monkeys, yet no one sees asians or Europeans depicted as monkeys of their region. Today is such symbols are made to be a joke, yet the symbols have impact and racism remains. Even you ever watched the oz movie, and wondered why the monkey was given a negro voice, you may notice the covert racism. Make better symbols and people will change. The symbols help the ruling white class now.

  4. * Today such

  5. Race is a hot topic. People talk about race in various ways and in so many different contexts. It’s an issue people still stereotype each other solely on another persons race. I would say that in today’s society its not about the ‘whites’ anymore because other races have instilled in themselves to think the way white people have for so long and it doesnt help the situation.

  6. I think we’re very lucky to live in New York City, where there are so many different kinds of people, things like race mean nothing. I am aware that there are still some places in the United States and the rest of the world that judge others based on things like race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. People are stereotyped less here than anywhere else, and hopefully one day other places can follow our lead.

  7. #6.I would certainly agree that, “racial prejudice remains a problem throughout the world today and will always be a problem.” Sadly, laws will never change the way people feel about other races. Its ironic how our laws provide equal opportunity for all—however not all individuals will have an equal outcome. I also agree that the “wealth and power gained gave whites a sense of superiority among all and this continues today.” For example,The U.S. educational system is a paradoxical institution and distributes resources differently to different kinds of students.We often see the higher social class(Whites) receive a better education than minorities such as Latinos and blacks.

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