Daily Archives: May 1, 2014

Blog # 3

After watching the videos, on “Wealth Inequality in America” and “Land of the Free, Home of the poor” its extremely mind blowing what I learned. But I’ve always thought that wealth in America has always been distributed unequally even before time. While watching these videos it reminded me of a book I read The Other America by Michael Harrington he points out “that poverty is not just one social attribute among others; it is an encompassing condition.” The individuals that have experienced poverty made them feel “hopeless and passive.” I still believe that this is the case today and history repeats itself. Yes our economy has changed a lot but there are people in this country that still are suffering and struggling due to different factors but I believe it has to do with the wealth inequality in America. When the Haitian women spoke about the ideal American dream I agree with her it is pointless because its like you are running on a treadmill but in reality you are not moving forward. I ask myself all the time what is the ideal American dream? Sometimes I think to myself is it all going to be worth it; all the loans I’ve taken out so far. Am I really going to be wealthy someday since I’m investing money and time into my education? Looking back on these videos and what I truly think about wealth inequality in America I could relate it to Karl Marx’s theory on capitalism we basically do not have a choice but to work hard because things are not going to get paid on their own.