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After watching the videos, on “Wealth Inequality in America” and “Land of the Free, Home of the poor” its extremely mind blowing what I learned. But I’ve always thought that wealth in America has always been distributed unequally even before time. While watching these videos it reminded me of a book I read The Other America by Michael Harrington he points out “that poverty is not just one social attribute among others; it is an encompassing condition.” The individuals that have experienced poverty made them feel “hopeless and passive.” I still believe that this is the case today and history repeats itself. Yes our economy has changed a lot but there are people in this country that still are suffering and struggling due to different factors but I believe it has to do with the wealth inequality in America. When the Haitian women spoke about the ideal American dream I agree with her it is pointless because its like you are running on a treadmill but in reality you are not moving forward. I ask myself all the time what is the ideal American dream? Sometimes I think to myself is it all going to be worth it; all the loans I’ve taken out so far. Am I really going to be wealthy someday since I’m investing money and time into my education? Looking back on these videos and what I truly think about wealth inequality in America I could relate it to Karl Marx’s theory on capitalism we basically do not have a choice but to work hard because things are not going to get paid on their own.


7 responses to “Blog # 3

  1. I completely understand and agree with you, most people tend to think that they can catch this dream but in all actuality only very few do ever achieve this idea of the american dream. It most definitely is like running on a thread mile. It gives you the idea that you’re achieving something or close rather but you can never reach the end. Most people die still thinking or trying to reach this dream and then the cycle goes on etc.

  2. In addition its like the Marines commercial “The few, the proud, the marines” its more like “the few, the proud, the Americans”

  3. The topic, “the american dream” is very thought-provoking, not only to me, but I’m sure to the majority of people living in America. My belief is that the ability to reach the top is pre assigned to certain people. Therefore, regardless of how hard we work, unless we are one of the few pre assigned, we won’t reach the highest point. In regards to the American dream, some may feel like they are living the American dream, while others living way better off, may feel like they haven’t yet achieved it.

  4. The American dream is becoming more and more of a scam, I believe it remains because those in power need to keep the workers feeling motivated. Marx conveyed to us that the ideology of the bourgeois is instilled in our minds by books and magazine. I feel that this is the reason that many people have not rebelled much yet, excerpt during occupy Wall Street. Many still look up at magazine dreams of houses and nice jewelry while walking in cashier lines, while not being able to buy food. He greed and the scam along with capitalism fools people into thinking they can attain much with such inequality. People even prefer to believe in the economy progressing, when the progress stems from people no longer looking for jobs.

  5. I often ask myself the same question. The American Dream most definitely does not exist in the way it is often depicted to be. The wealth gap in america just gets bigger and bigger and this is exactly why so many people chose a path of corruption because they feel its the only way they will be able to achieve anything close to it regardless of the consequences. For many the american dream is something that will never be achieved. Its often said that if you get an education you will be able to get a good job but how true is that today? There are so many people who are drowning in school loans and yet can’t find a job.

  6. America is such a powerful country and so its sad to see such inequality displayed in a country like this. The way things work in this country is very corrupt and that says a lot because something like this would be more expected from like a third world country, yet America is the same. Unfortunately this works for our country because it causes a lot of competition among each other, this way everybody has an aim to try to reach the top. I guess without inequality there wouldn’t be anything that people would feel intimidated by and want to fight for.

  7. Well said, I sometimes tend to ask myself those same questions. Makes you want to give up sometimes because what’s the point right? but as you said life keeps rolling, bills keep coming and they won’t pay themselves. I truly believe that the American Dream is whatever you want it to be and whatever personal goals you have for your own live. If you get to achieve them all than maybe you can say you are living the American Dream. Again depending on whether they are accomplished or not maybe we set our standards too high, who knows it’s just an ongoing circle with no end that’s life.

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