Veblen, Gramsci, and The Guardian

The Veblen reading was interesting. Veblen grew up like many Americans who have immigrant parents, he lived a pretty humbled life in which he worked hard to have what he earned. Veblen criticized the inequality in America between the working class and the ‘leisure class’, who were well to do. Veblen did not really agree with Marx’s idea but shared some points.

Gramsci was into politics. He was an Italian journalist and he was well known for his works. He wrote in many notebooks while he was imprisoned on the failure of the working class which brought in a lot of attention. He believed that the working class gave consent to be ruled by the upper class i should say. He believed that the working class can revolt but it would have to be ‘organic’. I agree with the consent part that Gramsci spoke about because we really can’t live without the ruling class telling us what to do. Our society is built on that.

As for The Guardian article, that was very interesting as well.


2 responses to “Veblen, Gramsci, and The Guardian

  1. The reason why so many have a leisure life while thousands more starve can be attributed to Gramsci’s theory. We don’t part take in it own journalism of intellectualism, instead we rely on the lies of others and feed into their false news along with our normalcy bias. If we just used the internet more intellectually, we could overthrow the ruling class. We could make our own opinions and report on ideas. We can make petitions or boycotts demanding to cut federal spending. Most people rather lean on the lies if the ruling class.

  2. I agree with you. We can do something about that. It’s true that most people rather lean on the lies of the ruling class I think that’s a very good way to phrase that. We need to take the initiative if we want a real change. We have to stand up for ourselves.

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