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From women to economics

This was really about women being treated unfairly in the workforce. Women work just as hard as men do and still don’t have the same respect or income. It’s strange because women are encouraged to do so much in today’s world but still there are double standard issues and it relates to women all around the world. Gilman really emphasized the level of inequality women have to deal with.

In today’s society there are so many single mothers who are both care takers and providers for their families. In recent articles it showed how more and more women are advancing in academics than men, women seem to be able to do it all and yet there are still restrictions on women as to how we should be in society.


yellow wallpaper

Gilman is very inspirational. I read the yellow wallpaper in high school as well as in my English class. The yellow wallpaper was about a women being very ill and her husband keeps her in a room that has wallpaper that made the women feel insane. It wasn’t till this class when I found out that the women was actually Gilman and she had actually killed herself because of how she was feeling.

Gilman emphasized a lot of women equality and she really stood up for women.

Seoul fashion week

What impacted me the most about this video was the Eastern belief that having these transformations done will change their fate for the better. This only shows how shallow people can be. This video also comes to show that us humans want what we can’t have; we are never satisfied. A thick person wants to be thin, a thin person wants to be thick, a blonde wants to be a brunette and a brunette wants to be a blonde, and it continues for pretty much anything that we can think of. This can also relate to the belief that “the end justifies the means”, their belief is that in order to achieve beauty, anything is ok. All is fair in love, war, and beauty…

The end justifies the means Post #3

More and more people in our society are becoming willingly oblivious to the progressing corruption. People do what ever it takes to get to the top, and this relates to Merton’s “the end justifies the means” doctrine. It doesn’t matter how wrong the act may be, as long as it gets you where you want to get, then it’s alright. If the norm to achieve success is to go to get an education and work your way up, the majority of the people deviate from that norm in order to make their procedure more efficient. In other words, ambition has lead to demoralization. Merton believes this to be an adaptation to anomie; when the culturally assigned goals are no achievable through the culturally available means, then there is anomie. What I speak about in this paragraph is an example of a type of adaptation to anomie. People believe in the goal, but they change the means to achieve it; they become innovators. 

An example of innovation is the medical field; it has become more than maintaing people’s health. Sadly, doctor’s misdiagnose, or prescribe the wrong medicine in order to keep the patients going into their offices and paying them, or making the drug company money by prescribing the most expensive medicine. The end is making money and their innovated means is to scam people in a way that is socially accepted. Reality is being altered, I would say, in every field nowadays, and everyone ignores it so that they don’t have to say that they agree with it.

Innovation by Sky Ferriarie (Blog 4)


The youtube video “I Blame Myself”, by Sky Ferriarie, depicts a group of men that innovate some medium to alleviate their pains as poor men living in a California ghetto. The culture of pop and opulence is desired as one of the gangsters is seen driving his car up and down. There may also be a need to become stable and not just live by fancier standards. This is the anomie or strain between cultural goals and institutional means which Merton implies in his essay “Social Structure And Anomie”. Why would one go and sell drugs, could it be that he would want to suffice for a standard living. The singer in the video sings that the young men don’t have a choice and are just getting only, this could imply that their innovation is just a way to get by. They wear gold chains which could also signify that they are going against certain institutions and selling drugs to fit into a culture of fairness and democracy. The young men in the video aren’t conforming to anything by partaking in gangs and committing illegal crimes. There is an old man that seems to be picking up drugs, and he seems to be going against institutionalized means to get want the wants maybe because he has no other choice. On the other hand,the young black men seem to try to fit into pop culture with their jewelry and cars. The fact that the singer sings that she blames herself for her reputation, seemingly speaking for the young black men, signifies that maybe the men feel bad about what they do, when Merton would suggest that they are conditioned to attain fair wealth, and go to many lengths to achieve such wealth. This is where the stain lies or the anomie by Merton. The blame is due to the conditioning of a hypocritical democracy and the available illegal means to obtain some money. The manner in which the young man curses after the man in the car signs to the man outside a death symbol reveals that there lacks a moral sentiment between the men! and as drug dealers! they are open to using violence and threats to attain some cultural fairness. Despite all the bling, the men still have to fight the hounds of hell in world unchanged and unaiding to them; hence they become antisocial and partake in illegal crimes. Nevertheless, this is an inquiry left unquenched. If the men were living in a country that did not jokingly decorate itself with fairness, would they feel the need to go to such extreme violent levels to hypothetically not only survive, but thrive with jewelry and fancy things. “In societies such as our own, then the pressure of prestige-bearing success tend to eliminate the effective social constraint over means employed to this end.” (Merton, 681) The young men practice dealing to alleviate their pains of being poorer. They should blame themselves, but if they live in a culture of democracy, can they be blamed? There are swift and cold calculations as the men meet each other at a street, this anomie or strain is what is wrong with our society. Such an ideology of any ends will justify my means of fairness is indeed detrimental.