From women to economics

This was really about women being treated unfairly in the workforce. Women work just as hard as men do and still don’t have the same respect or income. It’s strange because women are encouraged to do so much in today’s world but still there are double standard issues and it relates to women all around the world. Gilman really emphasized the level of inequality women have to deal with.

In today’s society there are so many single mothers who are both care takers and providers for their families. In recent articles it showed how more and more women are advancing in academics than men, women seem to be able to do it all and yet there are still restrictions on women as to how we should be in society.


One response to “From women to economics

  1. Yes, I definitely agree. Unfortunately, I don’t think this issue will ever be fixed. What more do they possibly want from women these days? Although America has come a long way in terms of equality, there is still much to be done. I don’t understand how such inequality could still exist today. Why is it that women get paid less for the same job as a man who does the same thing? This issue seems like an easy fix- simply equalize the income; but there has to be some more complex reason why this is not the case. One that I have yet to understand myself.

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