Seoul fashion week

What impacted me the most about this video was the Eastern belief that having these transformations done will change their fate for the better. This only shows how shallow people can be. This video also comes to show that us humans want what we can’t have; we are never satisfied. A thick person wants to be thin, a thin person wants to be thick, a blonde wants to be a brunette and a brunette wants to be a blonde, and it continues for pretty much anything that we can think of. This can also relate to the belief that “the end justifies the means”, their belief is that in order to achieve beauty, anything is ok. All is fair in love, war, and beauty…


4 responses to “Seoul fashion week

  1. shannonhopeinman

    I agree, this video was so shocking to me because I had no idea just how popular this phenomenon was in South Korea. It’s crazy how they are so nonchalant about it. They are creating an unsustainable ideal of beauty. The very end of the video when they zoomed out on the family portrait really put things in perspective. The babies of this generation having these surgeries will be “ugly” according to these new standards.

  2. I felt exactly the same way. I found it scary to think that these women in Korea wanted to look like those of the western culture. I personally think its awesome how different every one looks it just adds diversity to the world we live in. Imagine if everyone just decided that we must all look the same? it would be a pretty boring place.

  3. I agree, no one is ever satisfied anymore. Everyone wants so much and fashion and beauty has become so theatrical nowadays. Things are so lavish and grand for no reason at all. If people would really take a look at what they want so badly and really think about it I believe people will also agree that what they desperately want is actually ridiculous and sometimes simplicity is truly best. Be happy with what God and your parents gave you!

  4. I completely agree as well. We live in a world where the universal belief is “the grass is greener on the other side”. Everyone wants what they do not possess. The people getting surgery want to try to change their outer appearance to look like something they are not. It’s unfortunate that we think this way. I also think society plays a big role in it as well. The ads shown everywhere make people think that thats the norm and how they should look exactly like those models.

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