The end justifies the means Post #3

More and more people in our society are becoming willingly oblivious to the progressing corruption. People do what ever it takes to get to the top, and this relates to Merton’s “the end justifies the means” doctrine. It doesn’t matter how wrong the act may be, as long as it gets you where you want to get, then it’s alright. If the norm to achieve success is to go to get an education and work your way up, the majority of the people deviate from that norm in order to make their procedure more efficient. In other words, ambition has lead to demoralization. Merton believes this to be an adaptation to anomie; when the culturally assigned goals are no achievable through the culturally available means, then there is anomie. What I speak about in this paragraph is an example of a type of adaptation to anomie. People believe in the goal, but they change the means to achieve it; they become innovators. 

An example of innovation is the medical field; it has become more than maintaing people’s health. Sadly, doctor’s misdiagnose, or prescribe the wrong medicine in order to keep the patients going into their offices and paying them, or making the drug company money by prescribing the most expensive medicine. The end is making money and their innovated means is to scam people in a way that is socially accepted. Reality is being altered, I would say, in every field nowadays, and everyone ignores it so that they don’t have to say that they agree with it.


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