Blog Post #3 Goffman – Stigma

Goffman talks about the idea of stigma, which is a mark of social disgrace a person may get for a certain characteristic they hold. People will be made fun of or rejected by others who create the stigma. An example of this is a gay person. I have read numerous readings for my sociology of sexuality class, most of which showed the same idea. Many gay people are forced to live life uncomfortably because of the stigma that is associated with them being gay. Most gay people will try to hide their sexuality by trying to act heterosexual because society holds the idea that being heterosexual is the “norm”. For many, they did not want to be associated with the word gay because they did not want to feel different than what society says. They would feel like outcasts because there are people who put them down. Stigma is something that should not be done and i believe that it is because society sets out these ideas of what is normal and not normal, that is why stigma still exists. No one will want to ever feel left out so many try to hide their own characteristics in order to fit into society. It is extremely unfortunate, which is why there shouldn’t be a “norm” because everyone is different and are all part of this society. 


3 responses to “Blog Post #3 Goffman – Stigma

  1. Yes society is, what I believe, is the foundation of what the people believe is right and wrong and what we should or not do. I understand that everyone is different especially that everyone is from a mixed background, different language, and from different culture within a bigger society with their own culture. However stigma is a tricky part of society in my opinion because everyone is raised with a predisposed idea of what is right and wrong through the experience of their parents (or their family).
    I know growing up that my parents were telling us (my sisters and I) that people with dark skin (African Americans) we should stay away from and that they are drug addicts (I was like seriously someone who is 13 years of age? no right?) Anyways my parents and even my sister are against people being gay or lesbian because it is not a man and women relationship, unorthodox.
    A personal example I want to bring up is that my step-aunt came out that she is a lesbian or bi (I forgot which one because I do not judge her for liking either sex) her own bother (my step-father) and my sisters and mother said do not touch anything that she uses because she is gay and if she looks at you because she likes you. To tell you the truth I think that this type of idea is very ignorant and I feel that just how media, family, friends, and society looks at gay people just plain wrong.
    I think people should like other people if they did not hurt them at all. If one day, If i have a family and my child is gay/lesbian and she/he knows that I accepted him or her for who she/he is and that is all that matters. (support and love is the key not hate!!)

  2. Living in this city, we are exposed to so much. For someone to be so ignorant towards anyone because of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation is absolutely insane. This kind of mentality should be left back in the dark ages where it belongs. There is too much education out there to think like this — there’s just no excuse. I’m sorry Acoreas50 that you were subjected to that level of ignorance. Thanks for sharing!

  3. #7. I strongly agree with you. The social constructs and stereotypes surrounding sexuality may be said to a form of oppression, or at the very least control. I also agree, that most gay people do not feel expected; since we live in a “heterosexism” society where the belief that heterosexuality is the only acceptable form of sexual expression. Which I find to be unfair, and everyone should be able to express their sexuality.

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