Is the grass always greener on the other side? – Blog post #4

In the seoul fashion week video it was shown that many asian women undergo plastic surgery to look like the women of western culture. These women want double eyelid surgery in order to get wider eyes that western women have. This shows that many people have this idea that if they look like someone else that they will be prettier and it will make them happier. But does it actually make them happier? It seems like its not much of a choice but something that will be done eventually. In their culture getting plastic surgery is something very common. It would seem as though it’s part of society’s norm to get the eyelid surgery. These women receive the pressures to get the surgery done because everyone is doing it. It is common trait that all human’s hold, we want what we cannot have and even if we get what we wanted it will never be enough. We will always want more or something new. I think that no matter what society a person is part of, this idea will always stick. Even here in the U.S. many people are getting plastic surgery as well. The only difference is that here in the U.S. women strive to be skinny and have a larger chest so they will undergo surgeries to change that. The actual surgeries being done in different cultures differs depending on what their society believes is beautiful. The idea that we all want what we do not have seems to be true because of the pressures society holds.


2 responses to “Is the grass always greener on the other side? – Blog post #4

  1. I agree that in South Korea women are eager to have plastic surgery, which is already part of their culture of being beautiful as a western. I was happy to see the video in class actually because I like seeing Asian styles, language, etc. I actually knew about the plastic surgery before watching the video in class. There is a website called “30 Startling before and after South Korea Plastic Surgery Picture” and would show the before and after pictures of both male/female.
    For sure that South Korea is well know for plastic surgery (which 20percent of women aged 20-49 states they have gone under the knife – in Seoul). Looking at the photos you will see that differences how their jaw/chin and eyes looks like! its pretty insane but for people who love Korean culture as a whole would look the other way – (maybe, I do like the other way and yet I see that it is a type of fetish to want to undergo to surgery to look hot). Also mentioned in class was that changing how you look from the outside would not change how your children would be when they are born. I think it is pretty sad that the whole presona of being pretty is becoming flawless. I know personally I want to lose the stomach weight and be tone but that only would happen if I work hard enough – which I am lazy to do. so yea. anyways I agree to what you said that it depends what society thinks is beautiful.

    (here is the link of that website I was telling you about!c22deb48f0a0e2a8a3fd2a9376408871)

  2. I agree with the both of you. It really is such a sad thing. Society is so caught up on this idea of perfection when perfection isn’t even concrete to begin with. I find it interesting that many Asian women undergo surgery to look similar to American women. I would think because they are surrounded by their “own kind”, having small eyes would be normal. We tend to conform to the society that we live in, in an attempt to be “normal”; however these Asian women are defying such norms. It doesn’t quite make sense to me.

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