Post #5: race and racism -dubois

Dubois defines race as a conception that separates humans into distinct groups, where each group are defined by physical traits that differentiates them from other groups into ranks. Race is the core unit of racism, and from then on is racecraft.  Racecraft doesn’t focus on the ideas for groups and their traits as race does but focuses more on opinions and persuasive beliefs.

I believe that racisim still exits, even if in public it is said that it is not right. A lot of people say racial comments, however, they will only express these thoughts to people of their comfort zone. Because publicly racism would be wrong and shameful to express, it still exist in small personal groups. I have witnessed these behaviors and have actually been shocked to see that people still feel so strongly about this.

At my former job, I was in the break room with my manager having lunch. We were discussing new hires and qualities he was looking for in applicants. The location we worked in was a heavy Spanish area, people from the Caribbean, central and south america. Speaking spanish was a must to work there, therefore, any person who spoke the language would of been good enough to work with us. I remembered he told me, “It doesn’t even matter if you speak spanish to me because regardless I am only going to hire Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.” My mouth dropped. I didn’t agree with his thoughts but I knew he was open with me to express only because I was one of his own kind.


3 responses to “Post #5: race and racism -dubois

  1. I completely agree with you! Racism definitely still exists, I hear it all the time at my job too. I don’t think it will ever die out especially when people are so prideful when it comes to their country

  2. Yes, racism will always exist. I strongly agree. We can continue to educate younger generations that racism is wrong but unless everyone, and I literally mean EVERYONE, is on board with the same ideas it will never stop. A lot of these things (morals, beliefs, values) are taught from home; this includes racism. I can only see this stopping if we wipe out entire societies and start from scratch (unethical much?). In other words, I don’t see this issue stopping at all. However, even if it miraculously did stop, that doesn’t mean people don’t think such negative things about another based on their race, in their heads. Just because they are not said out loud shouldn’t make it any better. So in some shape or form, racism will always exist.

  3. Yes racism still exist and what is less apparent is the fact that racism is all across different cultural, racial and nationality backdrop. Year again I was having a conversation with a group of African American woman and the conversation was about the diverse within the black neighborhood but two of the lady started to express their feelings in such an ugly way about Caribbean people, unfortunately for them they didn’t know I was Jamaican these women got a tongue lashing of a lifetime, so in the future that would be more mindful about the racist rants.

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