Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

Economic inequality- blog 5

I just read, “Drawing Blood: Being a poor person in America”, and it is so relatable. It makes me realize that there is not much quality of life in America, unless, of course, you come from a wealthy family line. What we do here is work hard, either education-wise or labor-wise, and never really get to see the results of our sweat. If we want to have decent money we won’t have the time to enjoy it, and if we decide that we want to actually have the time to stop for a second and enjoy the world around us, then we’d have to quit our jobs and not have money to enjoy it. And yes, we do need money to enjoy life; who are we trying to kid when we pretend to believe in the famous saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”? Don’t get me wrong, happiness is not all about money, but it plays an important role. I’ve been working in fields that cause alienation since i was 16 and I’m already sick of it. I work for selfish, rude, and of course, wealthy people who’s favorite thing to do is make others feel non-human. It’s so hard to accept that most of us are pretty much stuck in this position; most of us won’t make it out. I will though, I refuse to work for the rest of my life with the purpose of making my boss richer.