Economic inequality- blog 5

I just read, “Drawing Blood: Being a poor person in America”, and it is so relatable. It makes me realize that there is not much quality of life in America, unless, of course, you come from a wealthy family line. What we do here is work hard, either education-wise or labor-wise, and never really get to see the results of our sweat. If we want to have decent money we won’t have the time to enjoy it, and if we decide that we want to actually have the time to stop for a second and enjoy the world around us, then we’d have to quit our jobs and not have money to enjoy it. And yes, we do need money to enjoy life; who are we trying to kid when we pretend to believe in the famous saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”? Don’t get me wrong, happiness is not all about money, but it plays an important role. I’ve been working in fields that cause alienation since i was 16 and I’m already sick of it. I work for selfish, rude, and of course, wealthy people who’s favorite thing to do is make others feel non-human. It’s so hard to accept that most of us are pretty much stuck in this position; most of us won’t make it out. I will though, I refuse to work for the rest of my life with the purpose of making my boss richer. 


3 responses to “Economic inequality- blog 5

  1. Coming from a blue collar family, I can totally relate to not wanting to work for a individual who profits from extensive hours of labor. As far as money equals happiness I agree, it might not be complete bliss but it will get you pretty close. Looking into the future as we become parents it is THE most crucial attribute that factors into your way of life, and with inflation on the rise we can only assume that putting in extensive hours at work will equate into the same living expenses. I think the idea of a Meritocracy is a little romantic to our nation, people equate education or working with a wealthy status but in actuality it is another debt to worry about because it has become a necessity.

  2. I think what you said is true. We as working class people must work for people who have those leisure time. This reminds me , the level of working class and rich people in society and the title they must have to be rich. The drama that reminds me this is called “Heirs” where within the rich community there is a barriers others can not pass. It sucks that we make the rich richer and take all the credit for our hard work . I know how it is, I work in an office/ public area where all my hard work is taken credit by someone who on Facebook and google chat all day watching Chinese drama.

  3. It seems like we’ve become slaves of a system that our own people created. It seems impossible to break out of it. I feel like the only way we can put an end to this is if society as a whole starts a revolution of some sort but unfortunately it seems like people have become so set in their ways that they just can’t be bothered.

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