Blog # 17: Wretched of the Earth – Fanon

“The need for this change exists in a raw, repressed, and reckless state in the lives and consciousness of colonized men and women. But the eventuality of such a change is also experienced as a terrifying future in the consciousness of another: “species” of men and women of colons, the colonist.”

I decided to use this quote from Fanon because it shows what the colonize people are under colonial rule. Plus the idea of the colonist understand their subjects are just words of the wealth you want more money through colonization and ruling over people.  Fanon mentioned about decolonization and how it works but he states that the men that comes out of the end the decolonization.  In addition decolonization is the creation of new man and I think that is interesting because the people that were colonize would become their own man with their own rules. In addition within the colonize country the officals are people from the colonizer government trying to keep the colonize people under check in any form possible, and violence is one of those forms. An perfect example of the oppressed colonize people are under the oppressors is “We have seen how the government’s agent uses a language of pure violence. The agent does not alleviate oppression or mask domination. He displays and demonstrates them with the clear conscience of the law enforcer, and bring violence into the home and minds of the colonized subject” (p.4/PDFpg.5).

He mentioned how the ‘native’ people are living in their quarters. These people were living in s “disreputable place inhabited by disreputable people”(Ibid).In addition these sectors are always seeking something to eat  The world between the colonizer and the colonize people are two divided world which one of those group of people are from different species. The difference of skin color comes to after because if you are white you are rich but if you are rich it is because you are white. it something that has been placed since the colonization has occurred.  But what  Fanon was trying to say it is not what you have the in the bank but the ruling class (species) is always the outsider and they are different from the natives (indigenous population/ ‘others’).

Fanon mentioned that thee colonize feel envy because they hope one day they could take the place of the colonizer.  It is something we can see in our modern world that we want to become that rich person and do not have to work as hard anymore and look through the windows. In addition the way he describe colonization is close to a prison that has a 24/7 surveillance and restriction. I believe it is close to a dictator regime even though in the colonization world the colonizer benefits. 

Colonization that he notice is (what I see) more dominating when the other group want more from the other groups. Fanon talks about the colonization of Africa and how colonization effects and the hold of western aspect of life should be is still instill today (education, thoughts of becoming rich and do not have to work anymore).



Fanon, Frantz, The Wretched of the Earth Translated from the French by Richard Philcox. (1963) Grove Press, New York. <


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