When I think Fashion I always think clothes and culture. What is new on the market and attractive. It is comprehensive of areas such as; style of dress, cuisine, literature, art, architecture, fashion trends and many other popular factors. Fashion trends often change rapidly and as stated by Simmel can be recycled to be reused.
The expression “fashion” is frequently used as a substitute for style, glamour and beauty. However the term “fashion” can have negative associations of vogues and styles, and greed.

The video on North Korea presenting on various area on Seoul Fashion week was interesting to see how far individuals would go to look Immaculate to perfection and how far they went to perfect perfection. In Gangnam Fashion was everything. Kids took their outfit seriously. During the video Donald King a barber explained that things are changing as what was considered odd is fashion. He expressed that the Korean society is losing their originality for example in music. It was interesting to learn about Korea’s fashion; however I was totally astounded by the Double eyelid plastic surgery and other area of the face that is as common practice and common as “going to the dentist”.
I am shocked by the idea that Korean individuals chose to have a Western face and they are so popular with this practice that they even surpass Brazil which is a country most known for plastic surgery. Another surprise was that one out of five young girls would have done this surgery as if it was nothing. To me it is a lack of total confidence. I understand that someone can have plastic surgery if someone had and accident and was left disfigured or was burn beyond recognition. I don’t agree nor understand to want to look like another culture or another person. This is insane and unethical. We are all created to have a unique look. One girl states that she wants to be accepted by the Chinese. So is it about getting the man of your dream? If the Chinese is discriminative obviously it’s an irrational decision. Is it worth the pain and agony because after all at the end of the day your genes remain the same and your children will resemble the original you. Now what will become of these children? I can only imagine the complex of inferiority they could develop.


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