Fashion in Seoul Different from the Past Blog # 1

Simmel presents the point that Fashion is used by the elite to distinguish themselves from the proletarians.  From my interpretation and the discussion in class, I believe this to be true to a certain extent.  People in olden times did wish to follow the elite because of their lack in clothing choice if they were poor.

Today in Seoul however, Simmel’s view on fashion may be outdated as people do not follow trends and often deviate from them.  Although some trickle down of elite fashion which fuels the industry is still occurring, the majority of deviant fashion trends are entirely because the individual desired to do so.  When opportunities for the middle class increased and they were able to afford different outfits, many people chose to distinguish themselves by being deviant.  The definition of deviant has changed from Simmel’s early perspective as well.  Deviant behavior as described was in be different than the norm in a form of rebellion, but deviance today as observed in the fashion video in class is solely due to individual expression.


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