Post #4 Race-Racism

Risk Factor - Ethnic Background

What is Race? Well DuBois defines races as ” The conception or the doctrine that nature produced humankind in distinct groups, each defined by inborn traits that its members share and that differentiate them from members of other distinct groups of the same kind but unequal rank”. In more comprehensible words, race refers to the categorization of humans according to their ethnicity, religion, culture, geographical location, etc., and most perceptible by individuals’ skin color, eye color, hair texture and physical appearance.

The other day I was reading an article about this topic that say that all human today are 99.9%genetically identical, which mean that “races” are primarily cultural created and not a biological phenomenon. This reminded me the class discussion we had about race where the professor was telling us that race is a myth because there is not a biological explanation for it but still it is real and we see it in our everyday life. 

Race comes along with racism. As stated on the book “Race is the principle unit and core concept of racism”. DuBouis used the concept “whiteness” as a social construct in reference to the time of slavery where white people see themselves superiors to others and they tend to be the slaves (the negro) owners. Racism is something real and still exists today. Like 3 days ago I was in the hair salon and a girl was having a conversation on the her phone; she was talking about someone she met who didn’t speak English that well and she was like “I don’t like to talk with people who cant pronounce English perfectly is just so annoying” this really upset me since English is my second language and I don’t pronounce it perfectly. You can see this kind of situations everyday; many people are so racist and love to discriminate others.



4 responses to “Post #4 Race-Racism

  1. I am actually interested in reading the article that you read stating that today all humans are 99.9percent genetically identical. I know that we are taught the first humans or Adam and Eve were black and that we are genetically black. I think that society and the people within society created the myth of race by noticing the difference of appearance to justify their actions. (I think of slavery or colonization)
    It is the sad truth that people like to pick on people are trying their best to fit in society. I understand you, I speak English as a second language and I know for sure how it feels when people judge you for learning English second. However I do understand that people who only speak English gets frustrated (I have known people who are not willing to learn a second language because English must be number one – and everyone should learn English not their native tongue) So it sucks that we do see discrimination through TV/Media. I literally do not like how people are discriminating Hispanics and the saddest thing is that most of these people are people who are living on lands that used to part of Mexico almost 150 years ago.

  2. It amazes me how people can discriminated one another just, because they look different! We don’t choose how we look nor where we come from. Going back in history we can clearly see that science has to do a lot with this issue and then it was translated on to religion. It is extremely disturbing that science that’s supposedly so truthful and reliable backed up such erroneous information.As you also mention race is the foundation of racism! They used the excuse of scientific information falsely proving that the African Americans were less intelligent than Caucasians, and compared their features and brain capacity of those of monkey to turn them into slaves. Horrible Horrible!! They embedded this disgusting ideology of a superior race into their minds. Although, DuBouis used the concept “whiteness” as a social construct as you mention,many Protestants were mislead by religious leaders into thinking that
    It was a divine law that Stated that any rich skin person was unworthy of the same privileges as a light skin person.

  3. Excellent, incisive post, M. Exactly, race is not based on biology, but rather is an idea we *ascribe to* biology. And it’s a *social* reality. One of the reasons the notion of separate, unchanging “races” is so powerful, as Lizeth perceptively points out, is that it’s been legitimated by “science.”

    To be clear, those definitions of race and racism come not from Du Bois, but from Barbara Fields, author of “Racecraft.”

    Regarding the woman in the salon who expressed frustration with “people who can’t pronounce English perfectly,” I think it’s useful to think through sociologically why she would publicly express such frustration. I think it speaks to her own sense of insecurity or “status anxiety.” Perhaps she is an immigrant herself, or a first-generation American, who can’t help but notice the xenophobia that exists in our society and the stigmas that grow from it; thus, she wants to disassociate and separate herself from “those people.”

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