Blog #3- Fashion & Stigmas

Fashion is a timeless industry that has been shaping the minds of many since the beginning of time. With the help of social media, fashion tells us how our bodies should be shaped, the clothes we need to wear, even what our physical features should be to be considered “perfect”. No one can attain this status naturally, so people are always being judged and judge others constantly. Many people have turned to cosmetic surgery all around the world to change the way you look, especially in asian countries.

One country in particular that I have first hand witnessed fashion and the stigma that comes from it is in the Philippines. Many people believe that the whiter you are the prettier you are. Thus many people spend money on cosmetics that will help lighten your skin, or they try their hardest to stay out of the sun and in the shade. The stigma with this is that those who are paler have more money and wealth because they do not have to be outside in the sun for work. While the darkest of people are looked down upon and characterized as poor because they spend their whole day outside in the sun, which means they are doing hard labor. Also in all Filipino shows the actors and actress are all white. When I had to go on a television show in the Philippines the makeup artist used her makeup to make me 3 shades lighter than I really am. When I complained about it, she said I look better this way and the audience will find me prettier.

Its very interesting to see two sides of a spectrum when it comes to complexion and what people find beautiful. Here in America we are always trying to get tan, while in other parts of the world they are trying to be pale.


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