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Fashion is something we see everyday. Where we see different trends, and styles some people tend to express themselves threw fashion. What I find extremely interesting about fashion is the constant change within the fashion industry. Even though some people may say they do not care for fashion what they wear may say a lot about how they feel or who they are. We often see how trends are constantly being advertised with new fashion ideas from magazine, television, music, videos, and cosmetic surgery. Whether it is someone’s new hair color or new shoes we are incorporating fashion. Simmel also argued that “From the fact that fashion as such can never be generally in vogue, the individual derives the satisfaction of knowing that as adopted by him it still represents something special and striking, while at the same time he feels inwardly supported by a set of persons who are…actually doing the same thing.” This is true sometimes we hear others say “I have my own style” but usually  they have seen it somewhere  and copied it and have embraced it to express themselves. After Watching the video about South Korea and how the young girls keep up with fashion and style I was in shock. The way these young girls undergo cosmetic surgery as if it is a normal visit to the dentist. I found this article called “How South Korean Plastic Surgeons Make Passport Photos Worthless” it mentions that the South Korean plastic surgeons are highly skilled at their jobs. Because the “people in neighboring countries like China or Japan visit South Korea to have work done. But when they’re ready to go home, they might face a problem: due to their passport pics.” This form of plastic surgery creates a problem for immigration officials.


5 responses to “Blog# 4 Simmel

  1. Great blog! It is scary to think of the extremes people go to for fashion and vanity. Everyone wants to look nice, but when you start altering your features, such as widening one’s eyes in Korea, I think it’s very extreme. The fashion industry shoves down our throats what we should look like, which is just an air-brushed fake picture. It’s important we feel comfortable in our own skin and accept who we are.

  2. When Koreans do this, I feel like they are trying to gain the status if their once conquers, from the Western World. Fashion keeps this dream of looking like high status going. Ibelieve that if people didn’t set a standard of fashion, true individuality would occur. Fashion seems to be a dream of poorer or different people to feel worthy and the same with “higher ” others, many rich people like the bourgeoise will remain status worthy and rich. Their racist ideologies will also remain. Ideas set and Fashion can be controlled by the rich and maintained, even when trends change,

  3. I enjoyed your blog. It is crazy how image ideologies are becoming more prevalent. Its very blatant in the media. I even see it when I go back to the Philippines. Many people strive to be a paler complexion. the whiter you are the more respect and prestige you have. Its even crazier that someone can successfully sue another person for being ugly.

  4. Wow this is amazing!! I never thought that plastic surgery was so much of a trend in china, japan nor Korea! For the reason being that it’s less noticeable and more conservative; I notice that their surgeries are mostly facial not like in other countries such as Brazil and Colombia which are mostly on the lower body. As a freelance makeup artist I come across many woman from different ethnicities and I have notice that the European features are the most wanted ones. The company that I work for focuses more on the natural beauty, so when I start applying the make up on these lady’s faces I like to admire their unique yet beautiful features and Many of the sometimes I give them complements ;which unfortunately many of the times end with a sad face , as if it was a reminder of what they hated so much. I could say from my personal experiences that 70 % of the woman I come across at work aren’t comfortable in their own skin and don’t embrace there ethnic features. The primary source of low self a esteem is the mass media and it’s something’s that’s unescapable, we see it “EVERY WHERE” at home, school, subways, tv etc. I totally agree with you when you mention that fashion trends are a form of expression and that there isn’t such thing as my “own style” because we have either seen it some where or copied it. The reason why it feels as it was our own is because we do in a sense have the freedom to choose what style we would like to adopt or we might just modify it and give it a little twist! What made this epidemic of plastic surgeries even worst is the risk of identify thief ,since these facial reconstructions are altering them so much that they are unrecognizable in comparison with their passport pictures and with also the risk of being trapped in another country.

  5. I never knew this existed either until a friend of mine who happens to be Korean told me about the popular practice than ironically we discussed in class. It is not common to us here in the states or at least we don’t know this is going on unless you are of Asian descent which is why majority of us were surprised in class. I personally thought people only did that for medical purposes because their doctor recommends it since age tends to sag skin. The plastic surgery industry is constantly increasing because of our society and the way “beauty” is portrayed we all want that perfect image and will go to extreme measures in order to get the perfection or at least close to it in order to fit in.

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