Blog #5: South Korea / Fashion

Fashion is a multi billion dollar industry and many people take it very seriously. I think it’s important to look nice and always put your best foot forward, however it seems that it has been taken to extremes recently. Models are forced to be stick thin, and then their photographs are airbrushed to make them appear even thinner. What does this do to society? It gives us unrealistic goals, promotes unhealthy lifestyles, and sends our youth the wrong message.

The video on South Korea left me stunned. South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery than any where else in the world. 1 in 5 people surgically enhances their looks in South Korea. The most popular surgery is eyelid surgery, which makes their eyes wider. People also have their jawbones shaved for a more Western look.

Everyone should embrace their differences, because that is what makes people beautiful. To go under the knife and spend thousands of dollars is scary and unnecessary. People think they are bettering themselves through plastic surgery however I think these people lose their sense of self through the process.


4 responses to “Blog #5: South Korea / Fashion

  1. Wow this is amazing!! I never thought that plastic surgery was so much of a trend in china, japan nor Korea! For the reason being that it’s less noticeable and more conservative; I notice that their surgeries are mostly facial not like in other countries such as Brazil and Colombia which are mostly on the lower body. As a freelance makeup artist I come across many woman from different ethnicities and I have notice that the European features are the most wanted ones. The company that I work for focuses more on the natural beauty, so when I start applying the make up on these lady’s faces I like to admire their unique yet beautiful features and Many of the sometimes I give them complements ;which unfortunately many of the times end with a sad face , as if it was a reminder of what they hated so much. I could say from my personal experiences that 70 % of the woman I come across at work aren’t comfortable in their own skin and don’t embrace there ethnic features. The primary source of low self a esteem is the mass media and it’s something’s that’s unescapable, we see it “EVERY WHERE” at home, school, subways, tv etc. I totally agree with you when you mention that fashion trends are a form of expression and that there isn’t such thing as my “own style” because we have either seen it some where or copied it. The reason why it feels as it was our own is because we do in a sense have the freedom to choose what style we would like to adopt or we might just modify it and give it a little twist! What made this epidemic of plastic surgeries even worst is the risk of identify thief ,since these facial reconstructions are altering them so much that they are unrecognizable in comparison with their passport pictures and with also the risk of being trapped in another country.

  2. I believe it is society causes this, like you said there is media all around us showing us what the “definition” of beautiful is. Which is completely unrealistic. The same thing happens all over the world which is what we saw in that video. It is very sad that so many women try to change who they are in order to become what society says is beautiful. You’re absolutely right when you say that everyone should embrace their differences. We shouldn’t all look alike and give in to the social pressures.

  3. I agree that the message the media is sending our youth is a false and disturbing one. We are buying into this fake reality and becoming obsessed with achieving something unreal. There seems to be no way of escaping what the media sells us, specially if we are already blinded by what we see. We must be proactive and actually educate ourselves on issues that affect, mostly our mental health but also our physical health. We are so driven by perfection that we ignore that trends are seasonal and we make decisions that affect on lives permanently. Consider the cases of women that go overseas to get their bodies “fixed” as if they were objects, a year later or so, their bodies are filled with dangerous, deadly bacterias. Education is the key to beauty.

  4. I found it very interesting that childing are avoiding their youth just to become accepted in their society. i feel we can learn from every other individualities in each culture no one should want to look like another culture because everyone is unique in their own way. sad to see that these kids are taking this route and its okay in that society.

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