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Fashion is something we deal with on a daily basis. Even those who say they don’t care about fashion and can careless about it still have to get dressed every morning and pick out clothes. Based on what they decide to wear that day says a lot about that person and many assumptions can be made. We express ourselves through our “fashion” and with our fashion also the norms are expressed. Clothes separate groups of people, in high school some go by “goth, preppy, skaters, etc.” Fashion is a language that tells a story about the person who wears it. There are many reasons why we dress the way we do can be for protection of the weather, emotions, express our religious beliefs, etc. We are a part of our society and those around us by what we wear, what one person wears in NY can differ from what someone would wear in Kansas. One thing that will never change is we are constantly being bombarded by the latest trends that are out and if you try to keep up it can get expensive. What’s in today can be out tomorrow fashion is constantly changing. Instead of trying to keep up always we all just need to remember who we are and stay true to ourselves regardless of the latest trend that’s out not all trends are appropriate for everyone. What’s more important than fashion and our appearance is who you are as a person and your actions and that’s how people will remember you.


4 responses to “Fashion- Blog 3

  1. I agree with your points. Fashion seems to be something that will never end. We are constantly pressured to keep up with it. “Your clothes should be a form to express yourself” is something that people say but honestly it’s hard for everyone to do in our society. Like you said many people follow trends, so what exactly are they expressing? It doesn’t seem like they are expressing themselves. It seems more like they are expressing the idea of what’s popular at the moment.

  2. I truly think fashion is a beautiful thing. People have the ability to express themselves by what they wear and how they dress themselves. New York, for example is full of diversity. With cultural diversity, brings fashion diversity. I agree with what you said in that what is considered “fashionable” or “trendy” here, may not be elsewhere in the country. Fashion can be looked at as a duality. It represents one trying to express themselves while dressing in the latest trends. Trends are essentially socially created. We define something as “trendy” if many people are wearing it or purchasing it. I think that the true idea of people expressing themselves individually through fashion is kind of contradictory, but everyone adds their personal touches to their sense of style, which in turn, makes it more individualized.

  3. #3 I can certainly agree with you “Fashion is a language that tells a story about the person who wears it. There are many reasons why we dress the way we do can be for protection of the weather, emotions, express our religious beliefs, etc.” I often dress according to how I feel in the morning; if I feel unhappy or due to inclement weather, I dress in sweats and sneakers. And when I feel content and it is really nice outside, I actually take the time to dress up and even apply some makeup.

  4. Fashion truly is a way of communicating through style. We tend to pass judgment on individuals before one word is spoken. Lets not be so quick to judge each other, lets get to know each through conversation. One might find out the guy/girl with the bagged pants and the guy/girl with the button down shirt just may have some things in common.

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