House of Sand and Fog Blog # 4

In the move House of Sand and Fog, Former General Behrani played a two faced coin in society.  
According to Weber’s sociological context of class, class is determined but society and culturally observed factors that an individual presents to society.  Mr.  Behrani was of a high class because of his prestigious role as a former general, but in the movie it shows that class is temporary and varies from society to society.  

For instance in a place like America where military positions hold no significant context compared to Iran, General Behrani is forced to accept his status change and accept work where he can find it.  While holding a low status in general society however, when General Behrani meets with his daughter’s husband his status is once again elevated because of a cultured circle that accepts Behrani’s status from Iran.  

Weber would not acknowledge General Behrani’s class to be high in American society, but according I believe that General Behrani’s status fluctuates depending on who he interacts with.  His status changes based on how people perceive of him depending on if they’re familiar with Iranian history or if they’re American citizens.  


3 responses to “House of Sand and Fog Blog # 4

  1. Mr.Behrani being prestigious in his military back in Iran and has to conform to an American society where the government runs things differently along with equality amongst sex. Behrani is use to a patriarchal society that is social system in which males are the primary authority figure. With this property he gained, he is looking to improve his social status by flipping it for a profit.

  2. I agree that class varies from society to society…berahni had a difficult time adjusting not only to having to leave his country but his change of status

  3. I agree with your post. I think that one thing we need to remember is that status can vary from culture to culture. For example, Mr Borheni technically had 2 status: 1 was when he was with his iranian family where he maintained a high status and people knew his name. The other one was a status of a lower working class man that had to jobs to make ends meet. Neither one of these are wrong but it depends upon who you are in contact with at that time. This is something that happens in our society everyday. I personally have heard of so many stories from cab drivers or gyro cart owners that hold such high and respectable positions in their home country where they have numerous homes and cars but then when there here we look down on them for dirty or strenuous work they do and place they live. I wonder what Weber would make this?

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